About Us

Since 1985, Sasbadi has been producing quality books and educational materials to help individuals on their journey through school and life.

Students, teachers and parents trust our publications and materials because we are ever responsive to changing technology and changing times. We are always ready to meet the requirements of the market and produce materials that are current and relevant.

We responded to the needs of learning and teaching in the 21st century by creating solutions that are user-friendly, interactive and fun for teachers and students, leveraging on information and communications technology (ICT). They include PC software, mobile applications and cloud-based platforms suited for self-paced learning as well as for the future classroom.

Back in 2005, Sasbadi recognised the transformation in educational objectives to meet the demands of the 21st century. Skill sets that include critical thinking, innovation and collaboration capabilities are needed by our future work force. Sasbadi responded to the new challenge by partnering with international brands like LEGO Education and introducing a range of hands-on learning tools to Malaysian students.

We also joined up with the Ministry of Education to provide students a platform to hone these 21st century skills and develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through the National Robotics Competition (NRC).

Education, to Sasbadi, is a lifelong process. Thus, promoting reading as a lifestyle preoccupation is important to us. In this regard, we publish a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles, illustrated storybooks, educational comics, and encyclopedias. More recently, we have also been producing books for young learners and preschoolers. We further enhance these titles with in-house developed apps that complement the contents and engage users.

In 2016, we established a multi-level network marketing arm to communicate more meaningfully with our customers while providing them our products with a personal touch. We believe in our products and believe they can create a strong, sustainable business for our members.

Sasbadi has also been undertaking more collaboration initiatives with third parties as a strategy for growth. In 2017, we have partnered with reputable organisations such as Animasia, Marshall Cavendish Education and the University of Malaya. By leveraging on each other's expertise, Sasbadi hopes to not only better serve our existing customers but also produce more products for new market segments.

At Sasbadi, we don't only care for students in the classroom, we also care for people engaged in life after school. We believe education is a birthright and will continue to serve its cause far into the future, always "Nurturing Students For Tomorrow, Today".